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Fighting For The Rights Of Injured Clients

When someone else’s negligence causes an accident that results in your injury, you deserve compensation for those injuries. Insurance companies may make you an offer, but they do not have your best interests at heart and will try to pay you as little as possible. An experienced personal injury lawyer will fight for your interests and help you make informed decisions about your case.

At Cotthoff & Willen, Attorneys At Law, we are here for you while you try to recover from your injuries. We will take on the difficult legal problems you face so you can focus on healing. We are a local law firm serving the people of Hopkinsville and Christian County in Kentucky. Our attorneys have extensive experience helping injury victims.

Were You Injured In A Motor Vehicle Accident?

A bad driver can change your life in an instant, causing severe injuries or even death. You have the right to recover costs for medical treatment, property damage, lost wages and pain and suffering. We handle all types of auto accidents including:

  • Car crashes
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Pedestrian and bicycle accidents
  • Truck crashes

Our team will investigate your case and aggressively pursue the compensation you deserve. The amount you recover will depend on many factors, but mainly on the extent of your injuries. We will hold the driver who caused your accident accountable.

Helping Clients Injured On Someone Else’s Property

Property owners have a responsibility to their guests to keep their property reasonably safe and free from dangers or to warn their guests of such dangers. If you were injured on someone else’s property, you may have a premises liability claim against them. Examples include slipping and falling on a wet floor, tripping on a broken step or an item falling on you from a store shelf.

Pursuing A Case After The Loss Of A Loved One

We help families pursue compensation after the death of a loved one. If someone else’s actions resulted in your loss, we are here to help. We can explain your options for pursuing a wrongful death case to recuperate any financial losses such as medical bills, burial costs and lost wages. You can also pursue compensation for pain and suffering. These cases are not simple, but we are here to help.

Discuss Your Case With Us

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