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Family law matters can cause upheaval and emotional turmoil for everyone involved. This is especially true in a divorce. During difficult times, you need a lawyer you can depend on for steady guidance and compassionate advocacy throughout the process.

At Cotthoff & Willen, Attorneys At Law, our attorneys have decades of experience handling divorces and other family law cases such as adoption, child support and termination of parental rights throughout Christian County and surrounding areas. We understand what your family is going through right now, and we are here to protect your legal rights with care and respect.

Understanding Your Kentucky Divorce

Kentucky is a no-fault divorce state, but you must have lived apart for at least 60 days in order to file your divorce. Other issues you may need to address could include:

  • Division of property: Kentucky is an equitable distribution state, which means that marital property is divided in a fair and equitable manner. Marital property includes nearly all assets you and your spouse acquired during your marriage.
  • Child custody and visitation: For most parents, this is the most difficult part of the divorce process. You and your spouse can create your own custody and visitation agreement, but if you cannot agree, the court will develop a plan it considers to be in your child’s best interest.
  • Child support payments: State law provides guidance on how to calculate child support based on a number of factors.
  • Military divorce issues: Many of our divorce clients come from Fort Campbell. Military divorce does require special knowledge of that particular area of law, which our attorneys have.

We will take the time to explain the process, as well as all of your options, so that you can make informed decisions that work for you and your family.

After your divorce, you may face a change in your circumstances that requires you to modify your custody or child support order. You can ask the court to do this in certain cases and we can help you make your case. If you are unable to resolve your case through your own agreement, we have experienced litigators ready to take your case to trial.

Is Mediation Right For Your Case?

Many people would prefer to work out their own divorce settlement agreement, rather than leaving everything up to the court. Mediation has helped countless couples do just that. At Cotthoff & Willen, Attorneys At Law, attorney H. Douglas Willen has over two decades of experience helping people resolve their differences and come to an agreement through mediation. If you are looking for a neutral mediator for your divorce, call us today.

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